Blog 2

Hey everybody, greetings from Salerno, Italy! My wife and I are on vacation so thank goodness for the ability to work from mobile technology. 🙂 For my current internship, I am working for JenRus Freelance out of Courtland, Kansas, doing a number of tasks including building websites from scratch, website revisions, and other various graphic design tasks. I am working between 2-3 hours per day on this internship. So far it is going well and I have enjoyed working with JenRus.

A communication goal that I have is to be sure to respond to all emails and questions that I get via email in a timely manner. Being on vacation this has been difficult so I need to do better at responding right away when I see it instead of putting it away to respond to later and then forgetting. A leadership goal for me for my community is to be sure that others know that I am always available to answer questions that they might have when it comes to their own projects or businesses. I know that I have a wide knowledge base so my goal is to help others when they may be struggling because there is a good chance I had that same struggle once too. Finally, a goal for expanding my professional network is to be sure to keep my business social media networks active including my Twitter, Facebook, and instagram, and I will do this by making sure to post on all platforms at least three times a week.

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