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etiquet dinner flower

Pictures: On the right is the flower we made with the elderly people and on the left that was my table for the etiquette dinner.

Summer is in full swing. I have been busy with youth camp, AHEC medical camp, vacation bible school and other summer activities. This summer is off to a great start!

I attended youth camp at Circle 6 Baptist Ranch which is near Stanton, TX. We had access to paintballing, archery, zip-lining and swimming. We also had an awesome band called 39 Thoughts and a great speaker, Jeffrey Dean. Our worship leader Brian Serrano shared the word honestly and openly and was so much fun! The REC. team was from Wayland Baptist and full of spirit.

I attended the AHEC medical camp at Wayland Baptist University. The first day we visited the simulation center which is part of Covenant School of Nursing.  We witnessed a birth by a humanoid model and it was something to see. The second day we volunteered at Prairie House in Planview. We went to Walmart and purchased flowers and pots and took them back to the residents at Prairie House and cooperatively planted them together and placed them in their rooms. The residents really seemed to enjoy this. That night we had an Etiquette, Dinner at Wayland in which we learned how to use proper manners and table etiquette during meals.  The third day I had the opportunity to job shadow an obstetric nurse this included witnessing a live c-section in an active operating room which was an enormously awesome experience.  Medical camp was a once in a life time experience.

I have also recently had the opportunity to help in Bible School for a few days. I assisted in the nursery and two year old classroom. I also have helped with the School Lunch Program for a couple of days by helping keep count  of a number of kids attending. Summer is off to a great start!

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