Blog 2

Blog 2

I have just finished my third working weed as an Ogallala intern. After the first week of working with The Happy Toy Maker, I have continued to update their social media and marketing.

My second week, I job shadowed at the Tuila hospital/wellness center. During this week, I was placed in different areas of the hospital every day. I got to job shadow nurses, physical therapists, lab technicians, and other people that make an impact on running the hospital. Even though my major is unrelated to health care, I felt that it was beneficial to see what it takes to run a hospital.  

My third week, I went to Quien Sabe feed yards in Happy, TX. This was a very interactive week of work. The latest I ever showed up to work was 7 AM. Here I was able to do a lot of hands of work with animals and feed. My favorite day this week was when I was with the feed yards doctors. They let me give shots, run the cattle shoot, sort cattle, and check temperatures. I also really enjoyed working in the office and seeing how each animal in accounted for. It is necessary for large feed yards to stay organized in order to keep track of everything going on.

So far, I have not witnessed my ideal career. However, I do think that it is really important that I know what goes on in this world. As a communication major, it will be beneficial to inform the public with correct information.

My goals include expanding my professional circle through these different businesses. Being at different locations every week gives me an opportunity to meet all different kinds of people.

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