Blog 2

I’m Cooper Bye, and I’m currently an intern for Ogallala Commons. The first week of my internship I assisted Ms. Fowler at Kress Elementary with summer school for 5th grade reading. It was a good experience for me to get hands on experience with being more social and involved with others. I enjoyed the kids I got to work with and I hope they enjoyed me being there.

My second week I worked at Roll-a-Cone, it is a manufacturing company that specializes in wholesome farm equipment operated by Deon Byrd. I really enjoyed working there because everyone was friendly and willing to help me out. During my time there, I assembled rotary hoes. I worked with a great group of guys who know how to work hard and I learned so much from all of them. Deon truly is a great person to work for, he treats everyone right and is enjoyable to be around. I would have to say this is by far the best experience I have had so far during my internship.

This week I have been at Swisher Electric Co-Op, it is an electric utility company in Tulia, TX. I have only been at Swisher Electric for 2 days so far, but I have learned so much. While I have been interning there, I’ve gotten to meet everyone who works with the company. On my first day I was able to help stake out locations with Luke Cooper. During my day with him I learned a lot about how to draw out what the linemen need to do when installing a new pole. On the second day, I had the opportunity to shadow one of the Engineers who works at the Co-Op twice every week. This was a great experience and I learned a lot about the average day of an engineer.

One of my goals during this internship is to better my communication skills and how to lead in a workplace. Another goal is to expand my network. I will network by going to all the different businesses during my internship. I am improving everyday on my goals, but there is still  so much more to learn.

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