Blog 2

I am now a little over a week into my internship up at the hospital and when doing this internship with the radiology techs there, my main goal with this opportunity was to learn as much as I could about this career field to see if I will want to go into this pathway after high school. I also made three goals I set for my internship and how I plan to achieve those goals:

  • In communication:
    • Building more team-work skills
      • Stay up to tasks to make situations and jobs easy with the techs
    • In leadership:
      • Showing responsibility and showing that I am dependent
        • Being on call knowing that they can expect me to show up and be there whenever they need me
      • In networking:
        • Building more communication skills
          • Being able to know how to talk to the patients in order to make them feel comfortable as well as knowing how to understand others in charge

In my internship there are a lot of activities that I will be responsible for and expected of me here at the Southeast Colorado Hospital with the PACS System, X-Ray Exam Room, and CT Exam Room including the following:

CT computer programming
  • PACS System:
    • Audits/images, reports
    • Scanning document reports, US sheets.
    • Looking up previous exams and reports
    • Sending previous exams to ARIS

Printing/mailing disk for further care at other facilities,

x-ray machine

proof reading disk to make sure images are burnt on there

x-ray standing board
  • X-Ray Exam Room:
    • Help set up room for next exam (new sheets/linen, clean cassettes, wipe down chest board, tabletop, and portable with gloves)
    • Help tech with patient preparation for exam
    • Pregnancy forms
    • Asking for two forms of ID (last name first name and date of birth)
    • Help keep all exam rooms stocked and cleaned ready for use
CT machine
  • CT Exam Room:
    • Same as above in x-ray exam room

So far in my internship I have learned a lot about how all of the different computer programs the techs have to use and how they work. I have also learned how to scan and send reports and exams to the radiologist. We have done many different types of x-rays and CT scans where I learned how to position the patient correctly for the exam and different ways to use contrast for CT scans. At times when we aren’t very busy we still make use of our time by organizing and going through all of the paperwork transferring all of the information into the computer files. Out of all of this, even though days can be long and tiring, I still love learning more and more about this career.

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