Blog 1- Jacklynn Snyder

My name is Jacklynn Snyder; I am about to enter my freshman year of college but grew up and currently live in the melon capital of the world: Rocky Ford, Colorado. My community is very agriculture based and I love that about Rocky Ford so much to the point that I even have my own small property where I cultivate and harvest crops. Outside of farming, I enjoy reading, running, fashion, cooking, learning, and a variety of other things. I’m also super involved in many organizations and clubs at school, church, and in my community. When I’m not devouring a book or fashion blogging, I am most likely planning my future or dreaming about the countries I hope to one day travel to. My goals for this year include earning a 4.0 in college and really just meeting lots of new people as well as getting out of my comfort zone. I hope that my internship this will help me further develop the leadership abilities, community interactions, and volunteer work that I need to be able to advance towards the next step in my plan and the eventual achievement of my long-term goals. After all, I think one of the most important things a young person can do is get engaged in their community.


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