Blog 1: introduction

Howdy! I am Kiley Shea Braune, a small town girl from Gonzales, Texas. I am a proud Aggie, class of 2017, at Texas A&M University. I am studying Nutritional Sciences in the didactic track. My plan is to become a Registered Dietitian because I have a passion for eating great and feeling great. I have a strong belief that working out and eating healthy keeps you confident and at your best physical and mental health. I want to share this with people who want to change themselves for the better. This summer I am interning for Cynthia Green, the dietitian at WIC here in Gonzales. I will be working on grants with her, doing garden maintenance, and helping with the garden classes. I am hoping this will give me more knowledge about the field I am going into and bring me another step closer to my goals.

I have a love for kayaking, summer, and a southern, slow-pace lifestyle. My favorite places to be are either a beach, or Gruene, Texas. My family (including my newborn niece!) is my rock and my sweet boyfriend of three and a half years is the reason I wake up a happy girl! My ultimate goal in life is to have a stable career that I love and a family oriented life in a small, quaint town- simple, but meaningful. Now is a great time to say thanks to Dr. Birkenfeld and Mrs. Green for everything they are doing to make this a wonderful experience for me. Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

Soakin' up the outdoors!
Soakin’ up the outdoors!
Kayaking in the orange banana.
Kayaking in the orange banana.

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