Blog 1: Getting To Know Me

Hello Everybody, my name is Dylan Schrowang and I am from Silverton, Texas, located in Briscoe County. Fun fact about me before we get too far; I was originally from a small town smaller than the one I live in now known as McNabb, Illinois. Some details about me are that I just graduated Junior year of High School looking forward to Senior Year starting in the near future, and I am also a student involved in NSHSS. I am interning with Silverton Independent School District working with our Agriculture department. In this internship I will be working with my supervisor ,Coby Newbrough, and community to the best of my abilities. This is doing the ground work for the school and some of the elderly in our town. My thought the Ogallala Commons retreat that we did a couple months back was a very enjoyable experience; one I would participate in in the future if asked to do so. One of my most favored moments I had during the retreat was to diversity of people meeting in the same area. weather you are just starting or have already been in Ogallala, there is always a place for you. when I heard that there were going to be people from other states and not just Texas that had excited me wanting to meet new people and learn about the cultures that they had come from. I want to thank all of the staff that made this trip possible and I am looking forward to working as a hand to our Ag department.

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