Blog 1 – Bio Hannah Pittman Dodge City

I am from Winfield Kansas but moved to Dodge City Kansas when I was eleven years old. Changing schools and moving to a city which was so culturally diverse was a shock to say the least but I soon grew to love the community. A population of nearly 28,000 people, approximately 80% are Spanish speaking as well as a large Middle Eastern population. This was a lot for an eleven year old girl to understand. I graduated from Dodge City High School when I was 18 and set my mind to be successful while still unsure of my career path. I chose the construction field, a hands on, attention to detail field dominated by men. I get the impression that anyone going to college to study this trade was frowned upon because of the mind set that “to learn to build you first jump in as a laborer and work your way up as you train.” While most of my time is devoted to my schooling, I live on a farm and love to garden. It is hard to decide on a single career path, but I see myself going on to become a building inspector one day and possibly teaching secondary education. By going through this internship it will give me the skills that I need to be a leader, with a professional attitude to work with all levels and styles of people I will encounter in my career. 

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