Blog 1: A bit about me

I’m from Dodge City, Kansas, a small town in south west Kansas not known for much but an old cowboy tv show and our beef plants. In my 18 years of living here I’ve always appreciated the sense of everyone knowing someone which would eventually lead to the realization that everyone knew almost everybody else. The sense of community helps make Dodge feel like home to me. I’m passionate about the music I listen to and the games I play. Music has alway been a large part of my life and my biggest way of connecting to people and is a way for everyone to understand each other. Music is another way that I am able to get in touch with my culture, it allows me to feel better connected to my family by listening to many of the songs that they enjoy and listen to. I hope to be able to attend college to better my understanding of computers and programming. My Internship with Dodge City’s I.T. department will help understand a lot of the basic things that I may need to deal with in terms of hardware. The internship will help me build a better understanding of many basic and common issues I and many other people will run into when dealing with and working on computers.

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