Basic Elements

For my volunteer service this summer, I chose to help out with the vacation bible school the Baptist Church in Canyon put on at the beginning of the summer. I am employed by the church, but chose to volunteer my time for vacation bible school. I chose to help with VBS because kids and God are two things that I love. It just made since to volunteer to help children learn more about the word of God. The theme of this year’s bible school was Basic Elements. It was a science theme, which meant TONS of awesome science experiments!

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I was one of the multiple leaders in the preschool group. (AKA 30 something 3-4 year olds) I’m not going to lie, it was hectic and crazy; however, it was fun! We went every night from 6:00-9:00 for five days. By the end of the week, I was ready for a break! Every night, we started out in one big group singing worship songs and watching a skit. Then we broke in to smaller groups and went to our bible story/first experiment. Each night, there was an experiment that went along with the bible story we were learning that night. After out story, we had to break for a snack (preschoolers aren’t happy when they’re hungry.) Then we got to do another science experiment. One night we made slime, another we made snow, and we even got to make rockets! We ended our night with another story and some coloring/play time. I was honestly in awe at how much these children knew about God and what he has done for us. I was also amazed to see how much these preschoolers absorbed and learned throughout the week. By the end of the week almost every kid there was singing and dancing along with all of the worship songs. The most challenging part was getting all of the preschoolers to obey. (Have you ever tried to tell thirty 3-4 year olds to sit down and listen all at the same time?!) That week, I definitely learned that patience is a virtue. I am very glad I chose to help with VBS for my volunteer service, I learned more about God, as well as being able to help children learn about him and help them to understand all he has done for us.

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