Author: Alan Cano

sending their voice for the people   Hau Mitakuyepi, Eyuha Chante waste nape ciyuzapelo, Wanbli Chante emaciyapelo, nahan ojinjinkta wakpa ematahan, nahan igmu wakute tiyospaye etan wau welo! Greetings Relatives, I shake your hand with a good heart, my Lakota name is “Heart of Eagle” i come from the community of Rosebud creek and i … Continued

This October I had the privilege to attend the 2017 Impact Conference to learn more in depth about cooperative business models. Previous to the conference I had very little understanding of what a cooperative is and how they function. However, during the first few hours of the conference l learned a lot about how cooperatives operate. The first speaker explained that co-ops … Continued

Hello! My name is Erin Martin. I am a first-year graduate student in the English M.A. program at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. I spent the last summer with Ogallala Commons helping OC interns by presenting a program about the writing process at our Orientation in June, by meeting with several groups of students … Continued

The  partnership with Uniting Parents  included my proposed youth art program and assisting  with existing programs. Uniting Parents is an extension of The Coalition of Heath Services in Amarillo which  is a parent case management program for families of children with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities.  My internship gave me opportunity to  bring art to some … Continued

My OC  Community Internship is with Uniting Parents which is one of the program The Coalition of Heath Services offers. Uniting Parents is a parent case management program for families of children with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. Uniting Parents provides families in the upper 32 counties of the Texas Panhandle with offices in Amarillo, Lubbock … Continued

My internship with Ogallala Commons has been an overall memorable experience. When I first signed up, I had no idea that I would be taught many important skills such as work ethic, time management, and communication skills. In May, I signed up to intern along with four other members of our community, and we were … Continued

Campo may be small but it offers many assets for the kids being raised in the small town. There’s a lot of history of what came to be the town of Campo. We do not have any museums but we certainly do have older folks who can tell us a lot of great stories. The … Continued

On June 16th, Enrique, Alex, and I brought a school trailer over to the American Legion building, and cleared it out. We parked around back, and were greeted by Kaye Kerr who showed us what we were to do. To make way for the junk we would be carrying out, we repositioned tables, and stowed … Continued

Though Vilas’ glory days have long since passed, it still holds some of the key assets that make up a commonwealth. And even if it is missing a few of those said assets the ones that have remained have remained due to the necessity, and the tenacity of the people that make their lives here. … Continued

This Internship has presented many task one was helping with the cemetery book, and building the new parish website. One of the first jobs I did was helping with the cemetery. I first would write down the recent deaths in our parish in a book. Then I updated this book called Dorthy’s Book. Dorthy’s Book … Continued