Applying myself in a new direction. 2nd blog

In this internship, I am translating Ogallala Commons’ materials regarding the commonwealth and the mission of OC. This has been a great opportunity to expand my mastery of the Spanish language. So far, I have been translating the materials of brochures with a plan to translate for future projects with a timed requirement.

I’ve found the challenges interesting when considering English colloquial phrases and word roots. For example, the phrase “a web of relationships and practices to nuture the soul” does translate very simply, yet the word for this use of web is red which would be a word for a fisherman’s net, rather than a spiders web. Throughout this project, my parents have been helping me correct my translations, especially in regards to grammar and proper verbiage, which has been improving over time, as seen below. My goal in communication is to minimize the need for these corrections. As for a professional development, I’m hoping to improve my ability to followup on close deadlines and set my own personal deadlines. My hope in professional networking is that I can perform a mock interview in Spanish, which would be helpful if I choose to work in a multinational business in the future.

Me, holding up a translated flyer. A small error was made on my part.

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