Anabelle Cline

My name is Anabelle Cline and I work at the Milburn-Price Culture Museum in Vega, TX. I am 16 going to be a junior in high school, I go to Vega High School, I live and work on a ranch, and I love meeting and talking to new people and having new learning experiences.

My job as an intern is cleaning, talking to tourists, or even people just interested in our museum, smashing pennies, making dog tags, and doing yard work. When cleaning, I have to sweep the floors, dust window sills, exhibits, cases, and anything that may have dust on it. Yard work is weed eating, pulling weeds, mowing, watering the grass, and the very pretty flowers that decorate the museum.

Smashing pennies isn’t as hard as it seems. There is a nifty little machine that you put the pennies into and pull a lever around and the pennies will go through the machine and come out on the other side with either a Cadillac ranch mark, I tagged the Cadillac ranch mark, Cadillac ranch mark, or the midpoint cafe mark. Making dog tags is also very easy. You insert the dog tags in the slot in the machine and type what you want to be embedded into the dog tag then press the f10 button on the keyboard and it punches the words then out the other end comes your perfect dog tag with what you want to say on it.

When talking to the tourists I ask where they are from and see if they will sign our guest’s registration papers on the computer, ask them to put a pin in one of our three maps from where they are from then talk to them about our museum and the things that are a part of it.

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