An Unforgettable Experience

June 13th marked the first day of an unforgettable experience. August 13th marked a stopping point to that experience. The reason I am saying a stopping point and not the end is because of one main reason. I plan to continue with Ogallala Commons and obtain a second internship the following summer. There’s also a possibility I might continue with the Catlin Canal Company as well. At the beginning of my internship, I did not know what to expect. By the end of my internship, I fell in love with my job at the company. I learned many things relating to water and office work. I learned the value and importance of water share certificates. I think my major success was learning how valuable water is and how to work in the office. There were moments where George and I were not sure if I would complete the 100 hours of my internship due to other camps and tasks I had aside from the internship. I think this was the most challenging part of my job. However, here we are at 100 hours and a complete internship.

In my second blog, we were all assigned to create three goals in the following areas of communication, leadership, and professional network expansion. For the most part, I was able to complete these goals. In communication, every time a person entered the office, I interacted with them and started a conversation or continued one. In leadership, my goal was to accomplish tasks without being asked to do them. I did a pretty great job in completing this. I retrieved documents, cleaned the office, and put certificates away without being asked to. In professional network expansion, I accomplished my goal too. I was able to create new relationships with new people that can help me in many ways. Some of these people include the board members of the company. Creating these 3 goals greatly assisted me in completing my internship and also being more interactive with other people.

I would like to finish this blog, with a few thank yous. I would first like to thank Mr. Eric Van Dyk for introducing me to Ogallala Commons and helping me along the way with anything I needed. I would also like to thank Jennifer Nesselhuf, for helping me obtain an internship and not letting me forget about dates and things. I would also like to the Ogallala Commons staff that I met. Thank you Darryl, for coming all the way down to Rocky Ford, Colorado to help us complete our applications and keeping me on track to finish my internship. Thank you John, for also helping me with my application. I would like to thank Abby Pettinger, for assisting me greatly in everything. Thank you for coming to Rocky Ford and meeting with me to check up on me. Also for consistently emailing me and making sure I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. My final thank you is to the Catlin Canal Company. You guys took a chance and I hope that you think that it paid off. Thank you for giving me this chance, I am very grateful. Thank you George for taking me under your wing and teaching me everything that you know. Thank you to everyone for all that you have done for me. I am very grateful for everything. Until next Ogallala Commons!!!!

George Hanzas and I at my Harvesting Ceremony. My Harvesting Ceremony was held at the Catlin Canal Company office in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Many guest were present including: the Board Members, Jennifer Nesselhuf, Mike Webber, and a few others.

In my presentation, I included information about the Ogallala Commons logo and the meaning behind.

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