After a Week On The Farm

feeding chickens!
Crazy Sheep!
After working with Justin for a week I already have some great stories to share, but since the stories are so great you only get to hear one today. My first day working I didn’t have anything to crazy happen it was a nice day of feeding chickens and building the butcher house but the following days – well they get more interesting to say the least.  On Wednesday we were doing the morning round up, taking care of all the animals, but by ten o’clock we were chasing sheep around Hunsley Hills… The reason we were chasing sheep around a neighborhood was simply because they out smarted us which is embarrassing to say but it is true. Justin uses a method of grazing his sheep which requires us to move their fencing around when they have eaten all the vegetation in their area. So the plan was to band the two boys and then move all of them to a new location well it didn’t go that smoothly. It all started when the sheep would not go in the temporary fence so that we could separate the boys and then take down the real fencing, when we finally got them in the temporary fencing they broke out! Being the stubborn animals they are we could not get them back in so we were coming up with a new plan when we turned around to see all eight sheep jumping over the fence into Hunsley Hills! Then it was dead sprite to catch up to them and turn them around back to their pasture! It took a few hours but we finally turned the chaos into a peaceful rest of the day where we worked some more on the butcher room.

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