About Myself – Leilanni Cordova

Hi, my name is Leilanni Cordova. I am a sixteen year old from Nazareth, Texas and I am a sophomore at Nazareth High School. I have always had school as a top priority; as a result, this year I was accepted to the National Honor Society. For the past two years I have participated in the number sense contest for UIL placing 2nd in district my freshman year and 3rd in district my sophomore year. This year I also joined the mathematics (placing 6th in district), accounting (placing 4th in district), and literary criticism contests for UIL.  Besides school and in order to pursue my dreams and go to college, some days after school I work at our local convenient store Naz Stop. Besides school and work, I have a passion for art and music, my number one being art and in second place being music. My uncle and brother have drawn since I can remember and I just followed along. My love for art can go from drawing, painting, sketches, or even coloring. My specialty to work with does not matter either. My favorite tool to work with would have to be charcoal, but I also like to work with paints, pastels (oil or soft), and just a regular pencil. Now let’s move on to music. I was never really into music until a few years ago. Recently to show my love for music and to strengthen my faith, I joined our youth group’s choir. Singing along with other members of the youth choir lets me sing without worrying about anything else. An amazing feature about music is that any song, whether it be rock or pop, has a story behind it. Each artist has their own story and I find it fascinating how they are able to put all of their feelings into words.

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