A new beginning

IMG_20150518_063828810_HDR IMG_20141009_145738651My name is Masewa Mody and I am from Cochiti Pueblo,  New Mexico. I am a very out spoken person who loves to meet new people and gain friends. One of my key skills is communication. I feel I can work well with groups, I love listening to ideas and I enjoy sharing mine as well. I love and respect where I’m from and who I represent as an individual from Cochiti. I am very traditional person when it comes to my culture. These are reasons why I seek new opportunities to help better not only my community but myself as an individual so that I can protect my land and culture. For the past 5 years I have been working with projects that conserve the land,  and research the land. One big project who’s main goal is revitalizing our language and culture through the younger generations has been my favorite of the projects which was/is CKLRP(Cochiti Keres Language Revitalization Program) / CSYLP (Cochiti Summer Youth Language Program) where I was a teacher assistant helping in the class room not only watching over our youth but learning along with them as well. I have been also been involved in alot of agricultural programs such as Project Hii Hii Kah which is a mentor/mentee program that helps teach our youth about farming and how farming carries our tradition along with it. Another project I am apart of Is a community coalition that has been active for over a year now and our focus is on the problems of substance abuse in our community. All of these programs have given me opportunities to go out and explore the world by attending many conferences throughout the United States. One of the best opportunities I am grateful for would be the Ogallala internship which I hope will open up more doors for me in the near future. I am very excited to begin the internship and learn all I can to help preserve my language and culture.

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