Community Project

When people hear the words, community service, they think you did something wrong, or they think you are being forced in some way to do the hours. However, they are extremely wrong; community service, is so much more, it is giving, it is from the heart, and created by a drive and dedication. I have had to do my fair share of community service and have loved every minute of it; this occasion, was no different.

For my community service hours, I chose to help with a church fundraiser put on by my church annually. Now, this may sound like it only benefits the church, but it is an event put on for the community. An event for members of the church. An event for those who are not apart of the church, and for those who just want to enjoy themselves for a day.

The annual Jamaica is something I have been exposed to all my life, my family has always had a stand selling Aguas Frescas. In the past I just sat back and relaxed while my family did the work, and I would drink the aguas all day, but this year, I decided to do more, to do all that I could to get more involved, attain my hours, and have fun while doing it. This year we had the ingenious idea to make our own signs, so my mom and I began making signs for our family stand, and then we began to cut all sorts of fruits, specifically lemons, cantaloupe, and pineapple. We spent hours doing this, while my aunts and grandma began getting the rice and hibiscus ready to make the other two drinks we sell. Once all the preparation was done, we went back at it again the next morning and began juicing all the fruit, adding sugar and other ingredients to all the drinks, and then began loading them to be sold for the church. That afternoon, I ladled and ladled drinks, and got to spend time with my family while doing it.

I chose this as my project, because I knew the outreach to the community the church has is large, and I knew that I could help make a difference. I really had to use my communication and listening skills to make sure everything went accordingly, especially when I began selling the drinks to the customers. I also had to use patience, because at times, being that it was all family, we got a bit frustrated, but patience was key. I loved that I really got to be apart of the process this year, and I am thankful for this opportunity; I got to help other while spending time with those I love the most and had fun while doing it!

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