This is my 3rd year being an intern. Each year has been exhilarating in its own way, but this year is a whole new level for me.

My first year of being an intern, I set the goal of learning about leadership. To be honest, I set that goal because Ogallala Commons encouraged us to grow in that area and because being a leader was something that terrified me, but yet…I was constantly put into. And every time I was put into that role, I felt it was like the blind guiding the blind. But by the grace of God, the training I’ve received from Ogallala Commons, and the incredible encouragement from my supervisor, I’ve grown in so many areas and have overcome being fearful about leadership opportunities. Which this year I get to step into.

Over the course of two years, I am no longer an intern but an apprentice. The difference between being an intern verses an apprentice isn’t vast, but yet holds many opportunities to explore. This year I will be doing a lot of the same things an intern does, except I also have the opportunity to help run the summer intern program which includes: Helping run the Farmers Market, setting up interviews, helping with work plans, and showing the ropes to our new interns. We’ve only had one Farmers Market so far, but it has been so much fun! I am thrilled to be apart of Ogallala Commons again and to take on another year of excitement!

At Ogallala Orientation with some awesome interns!
At Ogallala Commons conference taking a break to explore.

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