Independently Working

Hello All!
My internship consists of setting up Engagement Days across the North Western Part of Texas and also, one in Clovis, New Mexico. This internship is different than other Ogallala Commons internships. My office is not in a building on a certain floor with direct orders from my supervisor of what needs to be accomplished that day, nor do I have particular outfit to match the needs of the work place. My office is where ever my computer is with my phone safely next to my side.

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The main objective of my internship is organizing Youth Engagement Days and Entrepreneurship Fairs, but other side responsibilities include assisting Darryl Birkenfeld, my supervisor, on other events he is organizing. Darryl usually assigns me weekly tasks rather than daily.
Youth Engagement Days educate high school students on entrepreneurship and perhaps encourage the to be an entrepreneur in their hometown. Each Engagement Day will consist of seventy to eighty students with speakers and group activities. My current Engagement Days that I am setting up are in Lubbock at Lubbock Christian University and Floydada at Floydada High School.

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Like I mentioned above, I also help Darryl with his other events called Playa Festivals. In these Festivals, we bring a group of eight to fifteen people to a local playa where we identify the different plant species and soil maintenance. These festivals are very educational to not only the attendees, but to me as well! The only understanding that I have of plants and soils the minute knowledge of plant life on a golf course. I learned about all kinds of plants and insects that help maintain a playa.
Working for Darryl is truly a blessing because of his constant patience and understanding. His kind heartedness is pleasant to work with and the flexibility is perfect for my hectic schedule of working another job and still practicing for my athletic scholarship during the school year. I am proud to say that I will be continuing this internship until the last organized event is performed in spring of 2016.

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