3RD Blog

Hello, It’s Me Dalton Webster, once again. The date is September 2nd 2019. I do want to appoligize in advance for how late this blog is on the count of how busy its been! So Want I’ve noticed in the Ogallala Commons is how much us in terns have accomplished in our community. I have learned that this program has improved our home, such as me and another intern cleaning up the ag shop. This ag shop isn’t just a place we weld, grind ,or building fun and creative things. Yet we learn what it takes to complete these tasks and learn on the way. So without us cleaning and organizing this place, it would not be as safe to work in.

Silverton Ag shop

What you are looking at here is not just a pile of junk, your looking at what was once a really big pile of junk. This is where all of the scrap metal collected over the years has been sitting. No one liked driving by there and looking at all that junk, so we cleaned it up for our community. It took us a few days to haul it all of, but in the end, it was worth it.

Ok enough of what I did, my fellow interns have also made a big impact in the community. Including helping with 4-H, running the library, and giving a helping hand to our community garden. Well I think this will do for my final blog for the year. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store for all of us!

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