2) First Experiences- 3rd Term!

Hey y’all!

Thanks to God letting me live another year, I am blessed to have the opportunity to follow through with another internship! This is my fourth year being apart of Ogallala Commons and my third term of doing an internship with them. The past two terms I have served the Community Development Department at the City of Plainview, under my former supervisor, Cris Valverde! However, with the unexpected opportunities, I am now serving the I.T. Department at the City of Plainview under my new supervisor, Isauro Gutierrez. I am so grateful to be under Isauro’s wing and showing me some of the ropes in the I.T. field. I.T. stands for Information Technology. The role of I.T. is to help make jobs more efficient for employees. I am currently working on an inventory project for the department. This inventory project will ensure all assets such as desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. are all accounted for. I also aid my co-worker David Ellis in service calls for other departments throughout the city with their employees.
Before hand, I was super skeptical about undergoing this internship. It was SUPER out of my comfort zone. Although I did know a little bit about fixing computers, I was thinking that everything was going to be new to me and I wasn’t going to know anything. However, with A LOT of assistance from my co-worker David, I was able to pull through some obstacles.
I’m not going to lie, when I first started I thought this internship was going to be the most boring one. Especially since I went from a desk, to an nice big office, to a chair. I was like “Seriously, this is where I’m at. 3 years…” As the internship goes I am starting to understand more and more terms, information, and computer parts everyday-I even had to purchase a new journal for notes. Like any internship, you gain what you want out of it and I’m starting to see that daily. I am very excited to see what lies before me and very thankful to be apart of the I.T. team with Isauro and David.

From the mind of an intern,

Tony Lee Hernandez

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